Onnikka peer-reviewed as THL´s HYTE practice

Digital Onnikka lifestyle intervention application has completed the peer review process of the HYTE practices prepared by THL. Information about Onnikka’s scientific evidence, effectiveness and practical applicability to change management of behavior and lifestyles has been compiled for the evaluated practice.

HYTE practices (also called the “Finnish best practice portal”) promote well-being, health and safety. Evaluations of practices are intended to support the decision-making of health and well-being operators and the allocation of resources. Read more on THL’s website: Evaluation process and evaluation criteria – THL

Onnikka is the most recommended lifestyle intervention program in Finland. In addition to the THL HYTE practice review, Onnikka has been already earlier noted in the recommendations of The Finnish Current Care Guideline of Obesity, Council for Choices in Health Care in Finland (PALKO, Palveluvalikoimaneuvosto) as well as in the position statement of The European Association of Preventive Cardiology (EAPC). Onnikka has also successfully completed Finnish national Digi-HTA assessment.