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Global overweight and obesity epidemic has been steadily worsening for decades and the problem is forecasted to only deepen.

An estimated 10% of health care costs are spent on treating obesity and related diseases. The methods of treating obesity, which have been studied and are proven to work, are typically so expensive that they cannot contribute to the epidemic on a large scale. 

Onnikka Health’s mission is to help turn world’s obesity curve down.


There is vast clinical evidence that already 5% weight loss together with other lifestyle changes prevents many obesity related diseases such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes and osteoarthritis.

For professional healthcare and lifestyle guidance providers:

Onnikka is a fully digital solution which you can easily give to users to support their weight management and lifestyle change. Onnikka is more cost effective than other methods that are proven to work. This allows you to give access to weight management method that actually works to a wider group of people. Onnikka helps preventing obesity related diseases and thus reduces long term costs. Onnikka is fully compliant with EU and GDPR security and privacy requirements.

For users:

Onnikka helps with sustained weight management, and helps you to quickly feel healthier and better. Onnikka is very easy and simple to use, independent of time and place.

For societies:

Onnikka reduces obesity related treatments costs, and in the longer term reduces also costs caused by related diseases.

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