Onnikka application

Lifestyle intervention application

Onnikka is a lifestyle intervention application optimized for mobile devices,

which helps overweight and obese people to change their attitudes, thoughts and behaviour towards healthier lifestyle choices. The result is permanent weight loss, proven by large clinical studies.

Onnikka utilizes principles of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Persuasive Systems Design.

Onnikka is used twice a week for a period of six months, which is followed by a short refresh period. During this time, the user gets carefully planned information about topics such as change management, emotions, eating habits and lifestyle choices. Onnikka also includes tasks related to a given theme and self-monitoring section. Users get also regular feedback based on their progress.

Onnikka method has been developed in the University of Oulu with a long scientific research background and clinical evidence about the long-term effectiveness and safety of the method. Onnikka is a much more cost-effective method than other weight management treatments that are proven to work

Customers of Onnikka are professional healthcare organizations and clinicians.

They can deliver Onnikka application to their own overweight and obese customers, who will benefit from lifestyle change and better weight management.